a twist to blindman’s bluff

in this Russian clip the blind man has cuddly toys thrown at them, it might be fun to include this twist or blindfold a group of children in a play area scatter sort objects and have them find them and throw at others players without being hit themselves.

People who use blindfolds with children are asked to send in stories my email address is on the about me page


In this clip blindfolded mothers have to find their kids

blindfold water games

you need 2 buckets a sponge water and plenty of blindfolds

Place one bucket of water at one end with a sponge next to it place the empty bucket at the other end and have players sit in a row in between the buckets, one person drips the sponge in water and passes it down the line to the last player who wrings it out in to the other bucket, but before the game starts blindfold everybody


The next one is that you have 2 buckets and blindfold everyone and give them a cup they have to transfer tge water using the cups but without being able to see72ba904a995ce3ba4beccfce71f53a2e.jpg

photo credit tipjunkie used by permission see https://tipjunkie.com/end-of-school/

Where’s my bunny mummy


You need: blindfolds for everyone and a stuffed bunny


Blindfold and disorientate everybody. Choose someone to be mummy, remove their blindfold and give them the bunny. Ensuring the blindfolded players don’t know who mummy is. The rest are the blind children. The children crawl around blindfolded searching for mummy. Mummy has to avoid being caught by her blind children. When a child crawls into someone they ask “Where’s my bunny mummy”? If the person is another child they say “I don’t know”. Play goes on. If the child finds mummy, mummy must respond “feel for your bunny darling”, and the child has 1 minutes to take the bunny. If they are successful they are the winner, if not, move them to another spot and tie their ankles together. They must stay still until another child finds them. Then when asked “Where’s my bunny mummy”? They respond “I am naughty”. Then the first child must untie their ankles both still blind, before either can go on.. Whenever mummy is found but hides the bunny from her child she must call “come to mummy” giving a verbal clue. The winner is the one that takes the bunny


They are mummy in the next around, you might want to pick another stuffed animal so that blindfolded players have been seen what they are searching for.

a new feely game


In the game I made up the OT student and I both had piles of tiles, both piles in same. We both wore blindfolds and one had to take a tile and fell it and describe it to the other who had to find the matching tile by feel still blind. This works on communication as well as touch because neither player can see what person is describing and person 2 cannot touch the tile. Also there is no eye contact