blindfold obstacle course at home


Here are some pictures from my blindfold obstacle course at home this afternoon. In order to test out the concept I set up the whole course myself, knowing where all the obstacles were. I put a white blanket over my speakers and went behind that and blindfolded myself, I then crawled under that onto a fluffy blanket on the floor. I then tried stepping over the blue blanket. I then crawled on the hard floor not knocking into things. I moved the cardboard box. I stood up and walked around a chair to a cloths horse I knelt down and moved with head down between it and the table, moving the table cloth. I walked around a chair at the bench knelt on the carpet and crawled into my room, crawling along a bolster and around the corner onto a green blanket.


spin the blindfolded person around,

set up obstacle course but blindfold them before they see it

hide a stuffed animal or pillow and one end of the course and have your child make the return trip cuddling it so they can’t always use both hands

place different textured mats, or blankets among the course and have the child identify the different textures.

Application for ADL,

being more show and calm with body movements.

paying more attention to the details of the objects around you

more tactile feedback

having to think more about what you are doing

I might practice trying to step over blankets blindfolded without kocking them down




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