What Makes a Good Blindfold?

A blindfold should be thick enough to stop light from getting in, but not too thick that the person wearing it feels suffocated. It must be firm and secure, and the material touching the eyes should be nice and comfortable. Aside from the eyes, the rest of the face should remain uncovered.

Sleep masks make goold blindfolds as they are designed for that purpose and are often black on the inside. They can be purchased at chemists, travel stores online.

The first blindfold I wore in a game was a fluffy red cloth with a strap to going around the head.

Sleep mask patterns are online. Apart from this website, the best (non adult)website about blindfolding is www.dreamessentials.com.

The down side to sleep masks is that often let light in, are not always comfortable and hard to adjust. Top tip: for messy play don’t use the same mask that you wear in bed.

Cloths you can use as blindfolds include:

  • Rolled or folded up jumpers or t shirts (they are great as you can fold up the main body and use the sleeves to tie a knot)
  • Neck scarves are thin and can be folded  (wool scarves can be thick and dark but sometimes too long and can be hot, but outside on a cold day they should work)
  • Tea towels are great but sometimes not long enough to fit all the way around your head
  • Hand towels if not too short are great, also try cloth nappies
  • Pillowcases (they also make good feely bags)
  • Long socks might work or sweat bands.
  • Wooly hat/beanie pulled low
  • Cut strips from old bed sheets

The cloth will determine if you fold it on a diagonal to make a triangle or if you just fold length ways. Most people secure with a nice firm knot but you could also use a safety pin.

To secure your cloth have the person your blindfolding hold the cloth with their hand over their eyes so you secure it nice and snug.

Whatever you use just make sure the wearer cannot see.

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