blind bus tour

The skills tested are


Team building



Problem solving




Visual skills

Tactile skills


Body flexibility


From home bring a non see through bag containing common objects, (more than there are players)  and scraps of paper with the name of each object written on it.

Make sure there are enough blindfolds for everyone.

Beforehand set up playing area so that everything is out of place, and hide all the objects, and shut the door so no one sees inside

Gather all the players outside the area as ask the parents to blindfold their child and spin them around. Then ask then to form a chain, ensuring no knows knows in which order they are, the last person is the sighted man so room their blindfold, and cover his mouth, announcing your actions. Lead everyone in to the room and hand a place of paper to the person at the top of the line, he must pass it down to the back, the sighted player must read the word and locate that object by tracking with his eyes. He must then guide without voice the chain, by tapping on the right shoulder to turn right and the left to turn left.  They must walk or crawl around the room not breaking the chain. The player up the top must find the object, who passes it down the line to the sighted man, ensuring everyone feels it and is agreed on what it is. He is then blindfolded, spun around and moved to the top of the line and the last player in the room removes his blindfold and away you go again.  Ensure you move around the objects each around to confuse the newly blindfolded player at the top of the line.


Idea adapted from “the happy bus” in

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