Where’s my bunny mummy


You need: blindfolds for everyone and a stuffed bunny


Blindfold and disorientate everybody. Choose someone to be mummy, remove their blindfold and give them the bunny. Ensuring the blindfolded players don’t know who mummy is. The rest are the blind children. The children crawl around blindfolded searching for mummy. Mummy has to avoid being caught by her blind children. When a child crawls into someone they ask “Where’s my bunny mummy”? If the person is another child they say “I don’t know”. Play goes on. If the child finds mummy, mummy must respond “feel for your bunny darling”, and the child has 1 minutes to take the bunny. If they are successful they are the winner, if not, move them to another spot and tie their ankles together. They must stay still until another child finds them. Then when asked “Where’s my bunny mummy”? They respond “I am naughty”. Then the first child must untie their ankles both still blind, before either can go on.. Whenever mummy is found but hides the bunny from her child she must call “come to mummy” giving a verbal clue. The winner is the one that takes the bunny


They are mummy in the next around, you might want to pick another stuffed animal so that blindfolded players have been seen what they are searching for.

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