shepherds guiding lambs

this game uses trust and hearing and is good for large groups spit into smaller groups such as scouts or girl girls or school camps, and is great for a hike or wide open areas or obstacle courses. Ensure you have a large supply of cloths like scarves, bandanas or tea towels so there are enough blindfolds for all the children.

Say you have a scout troop. Divide the troop into groups of 4-5 “lambs”, and give each leader enough cloths to ensure for blindfolds.The leader then blindfolds his lambs and have all the lambs crawl around in the middle until they are lost. the leaders have to collect their lambs and group them and take them on a trust walk or blind trail. Each lamb has to stay in his group for the walk but has to do so without using his sense of sight.


If you like use blue bandanas for one group or green for another to color code your blindfolds

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