a sensory team game


You need 5 items of the same object

5 players

5 blindfolds

5 cards each with one sense written on them


blindfold 5 players and have them pick a card each

remove the blindfold from the player who takes the card with eyes written on it


the eyes can see the objects

the hands can feel but not taste or smell

the ears are only allowed to hear somebody hold the object where they can hear

the nose can only explore by smell

the taste person can not see hear smell or feel but only taste if the object is food


all five players can then talk about it but the eyes can not name it



have a group of players say 15 and blindfold them and group them in 5 groups around a big room remove the blindfolds  from the sight group when the groups have explored the objects everybody forms one group for a discussion but the players from the senses other than sight must remain blindfolded

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