jumpers make great blindfolds

What should a teacher do if she wants all or at least half of a large class needs to be blindfolded? One option is to ask students to remove their school jumpers and blindfold them with those. Jumpers can be better than head scarves because they are thicker, nice and dark and if turned inside out, a nice fleece covers and cuddles the eyes. You need to watch for light creeping in.


one example of children in class blindfolded with their jumpers


In one class I was in the teacher asked the students to take off their jumpers as they were needed for blindfolds. the two who didn’t have jumpers had art aprons tried over their fronts ensuring heads were covered so that they could not see

you could also blindfold someone with a bandana and then have then wear a hooded jumper backwards if you are playing a game where the face is not needed like a trust walk or feeling game


other examples of children blindfolded with their jumpers




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