bonding games

have a look at this video of blindfolded children finding their mother by touch and smell


this have been done by different groups and posted on youtube

try it in reverse and blindfold the mothers


or with all the children blindfolded at the start give the mothers the children’s stuffed animals but not their child’s. So the blindfolded child feels their stuffed animal but feels the mother who is not theirs. Or feels the stuffed animal which is not theirs but still have to feel the face.


Or have a mother sit blindfolded in a chair while children say “hello mummy” can the mother guess their child


Have mothers sit  in a circle with a blindfolded child in the middle. The mothers call out “come to mummy”, can the child find mummy?


In a play ground play hide and seek and say to the children “how do we stop mothers from peeping while they count as you hide? Let’s blindfold them”. But after the mothers count they have to search for their children, but say “ok find your children, with your blindfolds still secure”.

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