is mummy honest?


You need: a blindfold, 2 of your child’s soft toys, other toys/household items.

In the living room have the group of toys and one soft toy have the second soft toy in the room but hidden, from sight.  Let your child feel the toys with eyes open, saying “this is your building block, feel how hard it is, now feel your top, it is round, feel your teddy, isn’t it soft”. Now blindfold your child and put the second soft toy in the pile. Say “Mummy will give you something to feel and name the object, you have to pay attention to when mummy is tricking you”. Pass your child the toys in turn, naming them but at the end pass him his bunny (say the second soft toy is a bunny) and say “now feel your teddy darling”. Can he guess that you are tricking him?


This game should teach him to pay close attention to what he is feeling

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