new Sunday school game

This  is another game for memorizing bible verses. You need cards with bible verse references like John 3:16 or catechism questions and enough blindfolds for everyone. Blindfold and disorientate everyone. They have to crawl around feeling for the cards, when they find a card they are asked to recite the verse. If they are correct they keep the card and crawl around still blind for more cards. They if are wrong they have to sit still until another child touches them.


Count up the cards for each child. Have prizes for everyone but the children with the least card ar3e blindfolded and moved before they see the prizes. The children with some cards can see the prizes but are blindfolded before they are hidden. The children wit the most cards are not blindfolded until the prizes are hidden. They them crawl around, one prize each but they have to feel and identify their prize.

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