blind memory verse

Blind memory verse


You need: pieces of card with words written on them and an ample supply of blindfolds


This game is for teaching team work communication and bible verses, but can be done for any sentence in a non church setting. Find out how many children there are, let’s say 9 as there are 9 words in Psalm 23:1 KJV.

Write each word on each card and have then face down in one pile and next to it a pile of blindfolds. You may want to put a tactile marker on each card so the blindfolded child can feel which way up to place the card.


When the children come in say today we are going to play to better learn memory verses. Tell everybody to separate. Now come around passing out the cards, and let each child see the word on their card only, no talking. Now say “you have to put the cards in the correct order and make up the verse. But before you do, I have to make it a challenge and cover your eyes so you won’t be able to see what you are doing”.   Now blindfold everybody ensuring the last blindfold is secure before you spin everybody and move them around, ensure each child is unable to see, and has no idea where in the play area they or anybody else is. If you are in a compassionate mood give out the verse reference and or read it out. Or if they are older don’t. Can they find each other and communicate without using their eyes to put the cards in order.  But make sure anyone watching does not help the blindfolded players.


You could also, blindfold players and disorientate them before giving out the cards and whispering their word in their ear.