I have created a compilation of blindfold sensory games and activities. I’m always looking to add new ones, so get in touch if you’d like to add to my collection. You don’t need anything fancy to use as a blindfold when doing these activities. Want to get started? Find a sleep mask, scarf, tea towel, towel or rolled up t-shirt and you’re good to go! But remember no peeping!

Safety First

  • All of the activities on this list require supervision. A responsible adult (ie teacher, therapist or parent) should always be present to ensure participants can be guided when necessary.
  • Make sure an adult is on hand to tie the blindfold to ensure it’s not too tight or loose. The blindfold should be snug and completely block the person’s vision.
  • If you’re feeling scared or unsure about participating in blindfold activities, make sure you discuss this with a carer, therapist or parent beforehand.

Do you want your toys darling?

I need a cuddle mummy

Blind rattle ball pass

the blind farmer

blind play doh make

Where’s my bunny mummy?

Sensory Mystery Tour

Who is cuddling wooly?

Blind Memory Verse

balance pin the tail

Blindfold Water Game 

Find the Button

Blind Bunny’s Rug

Blindfold Tactile Simulation for Handwriting 

Pass the Teddy

Is Mummy Honest?

Musical Blindfolds

Mummy, Mummy Who has the Bunny?

Blind Toy Shop

Sensory Team Game

Shepherd’s Guiding Lambs

Ten Cuddly Toys

Snuggle Lamb Snuggle

Blind Bus Tour

Don’t Spill the Pasta

Blind Barnyard 


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