sensory mystery tour


This might be a good game for children with tactile defensiveness, and might it also be a good game for visually impaired children during blindfold training.


Have 3 or 4 doors in the house that contain mystery sensory surprises or activities.


Blindfold your child and have them pick a door with a sensory surprise.


You might lead them to a set of 4 doors to pick or you might have them wonder around blindfolded until they find one of the sensory doors.


They have complete the activity or surprise blindfolded.



One door might be a bowl of cooked pasta and they have to feel a messy texture

Door two there is a spoon and they have to taste a food blindfolded

Door three might be someone “attacks” them with a water pistol

Door four Mummy is waiting with a nasty surprise! Just kidding, mummy is sitting down with a cuddly toy or a blanket. They are led through the door and mummy says hello ”have you come to give mummy a cuddle darling?” and they have to sit on mummy’s knee and cuddle what mummy has, and or mummy might swaddle them.


Or you may wish to set it up so that they visit each door in turn and door 4 at the end.


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